Views Overview

Views provide ad-hoc analytics, visualizations and notifications. The framework to filter and sort the views is similar across the various tabs. Your system is pre-configured with default views. Refer to Build Views to modify views based on your needs.

Name & Settings - Displays a list of all views in the tab. Start here when building a new view or selecting an existing view to manipulate. Settings in this area allow you to configure notifications, alter page refresh times, and indicate data sources.

Data Sorting - FILTER enables filtering to visualize data based on a combination of include, exclude, and regex-based filters on dimensions. Since all data is evaluated over a time period, it is mandatory to indicate the duration in the first field. It represents the time period, relative or fixed, of the data you want to see. Use the plus (+) icon to the right of the field to add additional filters. New filters added using the plus (+) icon result in an AND query across the other filters. Include or exclude multiple values from a specific dimension filter or use regex. Use this feature to add multiple filters that must be applied to a search request.

For example, display all traffic for all devices and interfaces across all data. Alternatively, click the plus (+) icon to add the deviceName and ifName dimensions and then select the device(s) or interface(s) to display.

SHOW determines the visualizations and is used on the Topology and Trends page. Use the plus (+) icon to select the dimensions you want to display in the Heatmap, Timeline, or Line Chart visualizations on the Trends page. Or, select hierarchy visualization, overlay anomalies, events, metrics, or flow counters for the topology on the Topology page.

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