Documentation Conventions

This document provides a brief legend to cover conventions used in the documentation.

Configuration Table Conventions

Use the following legend to understand how to read the configuration tables in this document.


<group> or <group-interval-devicemeta>

Indicates either a user-defined group or an auto-generated group name.


Indicates a field reserved for Augtera's use. Do not change this field. For example, do not rename the group assigned to dynamically discovered endpoints.


Indicates a mandatory field. For example, when configuring an endpoint, a host is mandatory within a list of endpoints.


Indicates objects that appear at multiple levels. While the configuration of an object may appear at different levels, the lowest level value will be set and supersede all other configurations of the same object. Note: When a stanza with inheritance is required, it must be defined either globally, specifically at a lower level, or at both levels. For example, the configuration of objects may appear either when configuring a group or an endpoint. In this case, the endpoint configuration will supersede the group configuration.


Indicates properties for each object. These attributes allow you to further configure the object.

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