Platform Configuration

Configuration on Platform stack to ingest JSON logs

This section describes Augtera platform stack configuration parameters to control JSON log ingestion. This section is not applicable if you are using Augtera SaaS for JSON logs as in that case the configuration of the platform stack is managed by the Augtera team.

JSON File Configuration

Location on manager node: ~/opt/augtera/etc/telemetry.json

Configuration Properties

The following table explains the attributes of Syslog and provides a description of each one of them.

Following is a sample JSON configuration snippet to ingest syslog over UDP port 514. Data above the warning level will appear in the UI. Any messages below info will be dropped. Any message below level warning and info will only be ingested if there is a matching classifier.

    "json-mapper": {
      "proto": "udp",
      "port": 33338,
      "disable": false

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