Learn how to enable notification for ServiceNow

Augtera has built-in support for creating tickets in ServiceNow. As described in the Overview section Augtera can create tickets in real-time for events based on syslog, SNMP Traps, machine learning based anomaly detection on metrics and logs, machine learning based auto-correlated events and threshold based events on metrics. This section describes the features supported and configuration in Augtera specifically for ServiceNow endpoint.

There are two key aspects for ServiceNow event notification:

  1. Ticket Lifecycle

  2. Event Management

Ticket Lifecycle

A ticket has many states in ServiceNow such as "open", "resolved", etc. Keeping ticket state of all tickets at any given time allows Augtera to decide whether a new event should create a new ticket in ServiceNow or it should update an existing ticket.

Event Management

Event management is a stateful component in the Notification framework that keeps track of all events posted to ServiceNow. There are two key aspects of event management:

  1. Deduplication: Deduplication is a method to reduce redundant tickets. Mapping multiple events to the same ticket is done as part of deduplication process. All events created by Augtera go through deduplication process that allows mapping many events occurring at different times to the same ticket. Each event is assigned a dedup key and all events mapped to the same ticket have the same dedup key.

  2. ServiceNow Post: There are two options for posting events to ServiceNow:

    1. Only post events to ServiceNow when a new ticket has to be created based on ticket lifecycle. All future events mapped to the same ticket due to dedup key are maintained and available in Augtera UI. A URL link to ticket events is posted as part of the ticket creation in ServiceNow allowing the user to view all events.

    2. Post all events to ServiceNow corresponding to existing tickets, if any. If a ticket is already open, all events that map to that ticket due to the same dedup key must update that existing ticket.

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