Configure KafkaReader to ingest Kafka data into the Augtera Collector

This section details on how to allow your Kafka Broker to communicate with Augtera's collector stack

JSON File Configuration

Location on manager node: ~/opt/augtera/etc/telemetry.json

UI Configuration

Configuration under Settings->Config: config->telemetry

Configuration Properties

The following table explains the attributes of Kafka and provides a description for each one of them.



Required Inheritance


Augtera defined ingestion features, such as syslog. Attributes under feature-name allows to control feature specific properties.

proto Required

Specify kafkaReader to use Kafka.

disable Required


Enables or disables the feature

lb Required Inheritance


Load-balancing service configuration. This service allows you to configure details related to your Kafka Reader.

Kafka Reader Configuration

kafkaReader Required


Begin KafkaReader configuration stanza. This reader establishes a connection between Augtera's collector and your Kafka Broker.

broker Required


Indicate the IP address of your Kafka Broker and desired port for data transfer. You can specify this information either in plain text or encrypted as shown here: Unencrypted (plain text):

Encrypted (SSL/TLS): ssl://

If using SSL/TLS for security, your configuration must include a port that will be used for communication. You must also configure the BrokerConfig stanza.

topic Required


Indicate your kafka topic names. This can be a comma separated list of multiple topics.



(Optional) Indicate a Kafka consumer group name. If not specified, Augtera will assign a group name. This name can help you organize your topics and tag them with a unique group name. Choose a name that conforms to your proprietary naming convention. A group helps you identify who is able to read your messages.

Broker Configuration


For mutual TLS authentication between the Augtera collector and the Broker, configure the values for ssl.key.location and ssl.certificate.location that is appropriate for your setup.


Path to the SSL certificate's private key. This is a required field. For example, /data/certs/priv.key identifies the private key that Augtera can use to validate that the data is from a trusted source and is not a result of a Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attack. This is a required field if using SSL/TLS.


Identify where the certificate resides. Each broker must have a valid certificate that is vouched for by a Certificate Authority. For example, /data/certs/client.cer identifies the path for the Kafka Broker's certificate. This is a required field if using SSL/TLS.

Following is a sample JSON configuration snippet to ingest syslogs from a kafka broker and topic syslog-example. Note that in this example, messages pushed in the topic "syslog-example" must adhere to standard syslog encoding as specified in IETF RFCs. This will be equivalent to the UDP payload if syslogs were sent over UDP transport.

    "syslog": {
        "proto": "kafkaReader",
        "disable": false,
        "lb": {
            "kafkaReader": {
                "broker": "",
                "topic": "syslog-example"

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