The settings page provides several options to customize the Augtera platform.

Global Settings

From the upper right-hand corner of the user interface, use the settings (gear) icon to access the settings page.

Basic settings are covered in this section. For advanced settings, refer to specific configuration information on the relevant topic of interest. For example, to learn about user management refer to the User Management section.

Perform the following operations.

  1. Set the Time Zone, Date Format, and Idle Timeout values.

  2. Configure the default views for tabs.

  3. Add or remove users and set their type of access as covered in User Management.

Time, Date, and Idle Timeout

By default, the portal uses UTC time with a 15-minute idle-time out setting. If desired, select a different timezone. Change the Idle Timeout to one of the preset time frames or click "..." to enter your preferred Idle Timeout.

Default Views

For each top-level tab, set the default view that you want to load.

  1. Click the Edit Mode (pencil) icon.

  2. Click the top-level Page you want to modify.

  3. Select the Default View you want to load.

  4. Click OK to save.

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