ServiceNow Configuration

ServiceNow specific configuration

This section describes how to configure the ServiceNow endpoint and templates and associate them with an Augtera view enabled for notification.

ServiceNow Endpoint Configuration

Notification endpoints are configured in the Settings page of the UI. A user can create multiple ServiceNow notification endpoints, each with a unique name. In order to create a Service Now endpoint, the user must specify the POST URL, the Authentication Type, the Username, and the Password for authentication. Optionally, the user can specify the Poll URL, which is used to Poll and track the status of tickets in Service Now.

ServiceNow Template Configuration

The notification format of Service Now notifications is based on a template. The notification software uses a default template if no template is configured. However, the user can configure additional templates for Service Now and choose the template to use for a specific view while notifying a specific ServiceNow endpoint.

Additional templates can be configured as JSON in the UI Settings page. The below image shows a custom ServiceNow template being created in the UI.

View Configuration

Please see the Framework Configuration for details on how to configure a view to notify ServiceNow. At the time of configuring a view to notify an endpoint of type ServiceNow, the user can optionally select the template to use for the notification as shown in the below image.

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